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3 Powerful Secrets to Sales Success

In today’s competitive world, only the strong companies survive.

And in order to survive, you need to keep your sales force on top of their game.

In the current economic climate, there’s a lot of attention on how companies can improve their business results; whether through increased efficiency, product development, acquisitions and more.

Yet, there’s little focus on improving sales. Why are so many companies neglecting and areas that can be optimized and improved in the same way as other business areas?

Research has shown that companies can gain a 12% revenue increase simply by improving the way their sales process works.

That is a huge potential inside your own organization, just waiting to be tapped.

To help you get you started, we’ve launched a “Secrets to Sales Success” guide about how organizations, teams, and individuals work and how you can achieve much better results by structuring the way you sell.

Click here to download the Secrets to Sales Success guide >>

The core of the sales guide is to address three fundamental issues that we see in the marketplace today:

Bad sales seen as a result of a bad market: Poor sales are too often blamed on market conditions, leading sales managers to passively wait for the markets to turn, rather than to actively identify how they can improve the impact of their sales activities.

Low sales efficiency: Many organizations have spent considerable resources streamlining their work processes Administration, Production and Delivery – but streamlining sales has not received the same attention.

Sales seen as a skill, not as a process: The idea of the “natural born salesman” is still alive, but in our experience, less than 10% of sales people have this natural talent – the rest will benefit tremendously from clear tools and guidance.

Here’s what we have covered in the sales KPI guide:

  • The Biggest challenge your sales team faces today
  • How Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help your business
  • How to define KPI’s as individual and measureable activities
  • How to create the right KPIs for your business

Download the Secrets to Sales Success here >>


We hope that by sharing these best practices, we can help you to improve your sales efficiency, to streamline your sales process and to help you guide your sales team to success.

Do you have any tips to share about sales KPIs? Let us know in the comments below.

PS: If you haven’t done so already, we would really appreciate it if you could download and read the sales guide and share it with your social network.

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