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The CRM built for salespeople by salespeople

There’s an easier way to do sales. It’s called SuperOffice CRM. Get ready to close more deals and maximize revenue!

Win more deals with tools your team will love

Built on 30+ years of experience in optimizing sales processes, our platform is designed to help you do more with your most valuable asset – time. SuperOffice Sales gives teams the tools to manage pipeline, improve forecasts, and develop profitable customer relationships. Quite simply, it helps you find more opportunities and close more deals!


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    Pipeline management

    Better manage your sales pipeline

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    Time optimization

    Prioritize tasks and follow up on time

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    Follow the plan

    Plan activities and send relevant documentation

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    Stay focused

    Keep their pipeline full by focusing on the right prospects and lucrative opportunities

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    Access to data

    Have access to all customer-related information at all times

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    Send quotes

    Create quotes and place orders in just a few clicks

Sell more to existing customers

Upselling to existing customers is far more efficient than capturing new ones. But how do you make that happen? SuperOffice Sales makes it easy check the pulse of your customer relationships and understand when to take the next step. Start unlocking white space opportunities with the right message, sent to the right contact, at the right time!

See SuperOffice Sales in action

Get insights for informed decisions

Give your sales teams what they need to outdo themselves. Here are just a few of the features sales teams love:

  • Get an immediate overview of all customer engagements
  • Use flexible views to work efficiently for different tasks
  • Capture data in smart and automated ways
  • Prioritize your next steps and activities
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One platform for all teams

Whether you’re a marketer, a sales rep or a support agent – SuperOffice CRM is built for everyone. Our set of core features helps all teams organize their contact information, keep all data in one place, manage tasks, documents and emails, and follow up with customers!

Ready to increase your sales revenue?

Get a free sales consultation today. We have 30+ years of experience in helping businesses to optimize their sales processes and get the most out of their CRM solution.

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